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Yoga's physical benefits to the brain and body

"Yoga can help lower our fight, flight or freeze response by activating our parasympathetic nervous system and lowering negative emotions like depression, anxiety and anger," says Dr. Corinna Keenmon, a medical director of psychiatry and telepsychiatry in Houston, TX. 

As a form of low-impact exercise, yoga has been shown to lower stress hormones in our bodies while simultaneously increasing beneficial brain chemicals like endorphins and GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid). These feel-good chemicals help decrease anxiety and improve mood. Personally, practicing yoga allows me to take a timeout from my crazy world and my own thoughts.  It helps me overcome my own negative emotions. Learning to breathe fully and clear my head has helped with so many aspects of my life. I fall asleep much faster, I have more patience, I feel more gratitude, and I can keep fit without cardio routines or weightlifting. I have also learned to deep belly breathe, and I am able to stop a panic attack before it becomes overwhelming. 

Even the inflexible can practice yoga

"For people who are starting out, the first step is learning how to focus on just the feeling of breath going in and out of the body," Dr. Keenmon says. "If you're 100% in tune and focused on that, you're not worried about anybody else's opinions, judgments or other stressors and pressures."

What I love about the yoga community is it is not judge mental; it is extremely supportive. Yoga teachers only push you where you want to go, while at the same time making it okay to lay and rest until you're ready to join again. This is the opposite of how I always approached exercise. Playing Division I volleyball and basketball was intense and I loved it - but rest was for the weak! While I continue to be extremely competitive in all I do, I am getting older and my body isn't up for intense competitions. Practicing yoga allows me to compete with myself mentally and physically. 

"It doesn't get easier..you get stronger" is a favorite quote and that is why it is featured on the wall in the Reset Retreat. I honestly believe that you can accomplish anything BUT you have to be willing to do the work!

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